Mediterranean Dog Challenge
The idea

Dear fellow dog sportsmen,


I welcome all of you to Mediterranean Dog Challenge 2020.

The idea that inspired me to create a dog sport festival like that was to bring together all different kind of dog sport disciplines and all different kind of dog breeds, pure bred or not. 


All the years I am into the dog sport world, I often see dogmatic perceptions from people about the sport they chose or the breed they own. Often people think their choices are better than the choices of others, better sport, better breed etc. In most of cases that happens with people that do not have a clear view on others' sport and others' breed, on different mentality and type of training and that's the problem.

We have to accept other peoples' choices because we are different and that's the beautiful part but we are also the same and that is what we need to focus on, we all love dogs, we all love training, we all love competition, we love the same things, no matter the sport, no matter the breed. Protection of dog sport culture means protection of dogs' health, mental and physical, and for protecting what we love, we must be united.

The idea of that festival is to bring every dog lover together, to help each one understand the discipline of the other, to create a big celebration around dogs and sports. That's what me and my team (Drive Unlimited Canine Sports Center Team) promises to every competitor. 

A great festival, a great celebration.


I wish every competitor safety for him and his dog, great fun during the Challenge and best of luck on competition,


Sotiris Kountouras

Chief Organizer.